Who Am I?

I am an average person leading a less-than-average lifestyle.
I follow Frank (the other half) around the World to new and developing countries. Sometimes the trip is full of excitement and other times I get to sit in the hotel all day but always there is something new.
We aren't always travelling. We get to spend a decent amount of time at home - our holiday destination of choice. At home we get time with our friends and neighbours and, of course, our family.
I'm neither brave nor a thrill-seeker. I don't take unnecesary risks. The places we go to sometimes bring risks of their own but most of the World is pretty peaceful - believe it or not. We're not rolling in it so I don't go on every trip or take really expensive tours. I walk a lot and see things on foot. I take the cheap tours if they're on offer.
Come and see things the way I see them.